Venus Snow Lady

Venus Snow Lady

We’ve come across  this special snow sculpture in the parish.

On Anson Road, just down from St Chrysostom’s Church, we have a friendly and family run Turkish Supermarket called Venus.

They have a great variety of food- olives and cheese from Cyprus, mediterranean teas, turkish sweets, freshly baked bread and the nicest kebabs in the area.

We buy charcoal for our incense from them.

On Tuesday the ‘boss’s wife’ designed a lovely Turkish snow woman and child. The snow woman is expecting another child.

This must surely win the local prize for sophistication in snow sculpture!

A question for you.

What name would you give this pregnant snow lady and her child?


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6 Responses to Venus Snow Lady

  1. Here are some of the names suggested for the Snow lady and Snow Child:

    Firstly two from the US:
    “Supermom and Child”
    “Mrs. Kilgore Trout and Kilgore Jr” (Explanation anyone?)

    Venus and Eros

    Mary and Jesus

    Miriam and Child

    Britannia doing the school run

    Any more, please 🙂

  2. Mary Sicilia says:

    For the mother – Karli – Turkish meaning “covered with snow”

    For child – Aset – Turkish meaning “loveable”

    For baby yet to be – Sener – Turkish meaning ” bringer of joy”

  3. marmot says:

    Re: Kilgore Trout

    see this entry on Wiki about characters by Kurt Vonnegut.

  4. So far the winner is:

    Venus de Melto and Puddles


  5. More snow sculptures from the same time in Manchester – from Piccadilly

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