Eunuchs for Christ’s sake!

A few of us met for a discussion on that old Chestnut –  the Bible and gays. Did tempers run high? No –  we’re an inclusive church – but we did have a stimulating conversation.

We looked at the usual Biblical passages where male homosexuality is mentioned. The writers of the Old Testament see it as as “an abomination” of the same seriousness as wearing mixed fibre clothes or eating shell fish.

The New Testament could not shed much light on our discussion – St Paul gave us his viewpoint, Jesus was silent.

We could find no mention of female homosexuality –maybe its hinted at in Romans 1.26.

Then onto the Church of England’s bishops statement Issues in Human Sexuality which in some ways links into the title of this blog.  This Statement requires clergy who are homosexual to refrain from physical expression of their sexuality.

We felt it odd that homosexual Anglican clergy are required to be “eunuchs for Christ’s sake” (Matthew 19.10)  when there is (rightfully) provision made in other circumstances where folk may find themselves unable to live to exacting standards.

What do you think? Comments welcomed.


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2 Responses to Eunuchs for Christ’s sake!

  1. James Payne says:

    Webster’s dictionary describes a eunuch as: an emasculated man; Oriental palace chamberlain or keeper of a haram.
    Jesus tells his disciples not everyone can accept the statement “Then it is better not to marry”! Our Lord goes on to say, “Only those whom God helps. Some are born as eunuchs, some have been made that way by others, and some choose not to marry for the sake of the Kingdom of Heaven. Let anyone who can accept this statement.”
    Personally, I do not feel our Lord was speaking of homosexual men because of the subject of marriage, especially in verse 4 when our Lord speaks of God making them male and female.
    It seems to me He is speaking of heterosexual people because only heterosexual’s can create life as in impregnating a woman by having sexual intercourse.
    Since homosexual’s can not create life by physically expressing their sexuality, I feel our Lord is addressing only heterosexual’s.
    Personally, I believe I was born a homosexual because I have never had a sexual desire for women. I also do not agree with the repression of physical sexual expression of the clergy.
    God is Love, and all form’s of Love should not be repressed.

  2. Elizabeth Bond says:

    I feel that love is never wrong, and we should question those who govern with hate. Hate for people’s sexuality, colour or creed. Love shouldn’t be questioned if it is right, I would rather see people happy who they are and in their relationships weither it is a homosexual or heterosexual relationship, than to see people hiding who they are because a minority cannot accept the magesty of love in all it’s forms.

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