Postcard from Yale University

The tallest building at Yale, the 'Harkness Tower'

The buildings pictured represent the typical scenery of  Yale University, the campus of which is characterised by beautiful Gothic spires. According to a “Yalie” I met there, Yale University in the beginning aimed to encourage people to see Yale as the eminent Cambridge and Oxford University in England, therefore the buildings were designed in a very English/European fashion.

The campus is no doubt really beautiful. The bells of the Harkness Tower are tolled by a group of students to perform many kinds of music every day from 7 pm to 8 pm. The sound of bells is lovely. Some people were disturbed by its lengthy performance, but I loved it.

Ken, outside the Sterling Memorial Library, the biggest Yale library

The weather is much hotter here. I have to drink much water every day. The communities around Yale University are in fact very poor and unsafe. I often saw homeless people and panhandlers walking on the street and asking students for coins. It can be quite dangerous in the night even within the campus. We were strongly advised not to go out alone during the nighttime. There was even a gunfight nearby in my first week here; I learnt that a teenager tragically lost his life while he was accidentally walking into the spot. It is quite incredible that a little town famous for one of the best and richest university in the world can be so poor and dangerous.
I attended church during my stay at Yale. I largely went to the University Church called the “Battel Chapel”, which is a Ecumenical church. One of my friend there, from France and a member of a Christian and Missionary Alliance church in Paris, was polemic to the idea of the ecumenism. I also went to an Episcopal church there because I missed my church in Manchester!! Last week I went to a Chinese Baptist church with my friend. I was a little bit surprised that its style was just like that of many churches in Taiwan. I felt quite familiar with it. It has been a long time I have not attended the Chinese(Taiwanese) service. This was an interesting experience.
The food provided by the Yale residential college was good. I gained much weight, so I need to go on a diet now. I believe the healthy English food will help me a great deal!!
I will see you soon at St. Chrysostoms!
Best wishes,

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