Joseph: A specially chosen man

St Joseph the Carpenter
by George de la Tour

Today, S. Joseph’s day, Ann Landon gave a short address at Mass. Here it is:

Looking at the Gospel reading and thinking how Mary and her husband Joseph felt when Jesus was not with them, I felt, as a parent, it is possibly your worst nightmare that your child is missing. Although Joseph was Jesus foster father, the fear and pain would have been that of a real father. Joseph had brought him up from being a baby.

In the society of that day, what Joseph did was beyond extraordinary! Joseph had sufficient faith in Mary, and sufficient obedience to God, to bring the child up as his own, and to give him love and security until his mission on earth began.

We talk a lot about Mary’s Yes to God – but what about Joseph’s Yes? Joseph was the specially chosen man through whom, and under whom Christ entered the world fittingly and in an appropriate way.

So, if the whole church is indebted to the Virgin Mary, since through her the world was able to receive Christ, surely after her, it also owes to Joseph special thanks and veneration.


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