St John’s Chicks

There has been excitement in the St Chrysostom’s Church Office today as we watched a livestream from St John’s School.

A camera had been fixed above some eggs at the school which began to hatch today, and its been wonderful to see chicks emerge. 

The children have been fascinated, and its a lovely thing for them to see and experience.

Class by class they come to see the eggs and the chicks. One little girl in Year One asked “Where’s the mummy?” leading to some good conversations about the process of new life.

Several of the staff have commented on the wonderful miracle of new life brought into the school. “I’m emotionally drained by it all” joked a member of the admin staff.


About stchrysostoms

St Chrysostom’s is an Anglican (Church of England) parish church in Manchester. We’re an inclusive, diverse and welcoming faith community where people of differing backgrounds make friends. Find our Facebook group at
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