Postcard from the Garden City of Southern India

Edward, our travelling treasurer, is in Southern India from where he sends us this postcard

These last 2 weeks, I’ve been working away from home at my firm’s offices in Bangalore & Chennai in India. It’s been a rich experience in terms of cultural diversity meeting all sorts of new people and new experiences.

The local office have welcomed me warmly and provided an opportunity to try different sorts of South Indian cuisine. Much of the food and many of the local staff are vegetarians, so I’ve had some great vegetable curries. Breakfast has been a regular highlight with freshly prepared dosas, prepared vegetables & fresh exotic fruit.

On days away from the office we’ve visited local hindu temples which are decorated in bright colours with statues being venerated with incense and offerings of food. By chance one afternoon we arrived at a Jain temple just to witness a local guru celebrating the installation of a new statue made from ebony with a riot of loud music, drums, dance & offerings from his group of ‘disciples’.

Sunday morning I went to Bangalore St Mark’s Cathedral, along with a congregation of about 200 to hear a very familiar form of service and hymns. The hymns, including ‘When I survey the wondrous Cross’, are identical to those sung week by week from the New English Hymnal back home; the influence of the Anglican Church from past colonial days is still very present in the Anglican Church of South India – including a cup of coffee & biscuit afterwards.

That afternoon we visited a local safari park where visitors are driven around in caged jeeps, whereas the tigers are free to roam. This tiger had already been fed that day so was quite pacified. A impressive & powerful beast!

I’ve been here for 2 weeks now – soon it’s time to return to Manchester.


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