Winnie Johnson RIP

Flowers and candles at Our Lady’s Statue
in memory of Winnie

On Saturday we were very sad to learn of Winnie Johnson’s death. 

Prayers for her and her family were said in church on Sunday. When she came to church on a Sunday Winnie always lit a candle after Mass for Keith, and for her family. Special flowers were placed at Our Lady’s statue on Sunday in memory of Winnie.

Winnie was a regular worshipper at St Chrysostom’s and was popular among church members. She had lived locally for most of her life, and indeed Keith, the victim of the moors murderers, attended Sunday School at St Chrysostom’s. Winnie was always a down to earth woman and much respected in the local community. She loved to be out and about and was a well known sight in the area as she went along on her electric scooter. She would frequently stop and chat with people and took a great interest in people and their families, and often had cheerful and encouraging words to say.

Fr Ian writes:

We will very much miss Winnie. She showed great faith and courage in the face of tragedy. We admired her forthrightness and common sense. It has been a privilege to know her and she has taught us much about perseverance, faith and hope in the face of great adversity. May she rest in peace.

Desmond Ward, churchwarden writes:

Winnie Johnson was a valued member of our church. My abiding memory of her will be her whizzing in from the side door in her electric buggy and parking it in front of the first pew where she always sat. Her tenacity in adversity was remarkable and an example to us all. She had a good sense of humour and what you saw is what you got. She is sadly missed.


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