Solidarity Vigil

Mtr Kim writes: On New Years Eve I had the privilege of joining with a wide variety of people who came together to express their solidarity with all those holding vigils in India, after the rape and murder of a young medical student … in hope of change and a better future, for women and for society.

Vigil NYEWe were a wide variety of people: old and young; single, couples, families; differing ethnicities, sexualities … 30-40 people who demonstrated that right across our community people care and will stand together with people across the world in protest at the inequality and suffering of women.

We remembered the young woman killed so violently, her companion, parents and family in their grief and shock. We remembered the people of India, their strength and vision to speak out and the courage to change attitudes. We remembered women throughout the world who are victims of violence, inequality and oppression.

As we stood by candle-light around the community prayer tree outside church, one young woman played a poem which had spoken to several of the women who had gathered in the preceding days:

She explains “June Jordan (1936 – 2002) was a Black (Caribbean-American) feminist writer, poet, activist and two-time rape survivor. Poem about My Rights – along with some of her other poems – was, no doubt, written in reflection upon her own unspeakable pain emanating from the heinous experiences of rape (in addition to her experiences of being a woman, and of being a Black woman, etc.)”

You can see Poem about my Rights by June Jordan as follows; Click here for the actual text of the poem, and click here for a reading/recital by June Jordan herself

Despite the horror and tragedy of the events that have led to these protests and vigils, the way people are pulling together to affirm their commitment to creating equality within society and to bring about change is a wonderful sign of hope.

My prayer for 2013 is that it will be a year of hopes fulfilled as we continue the journey we all must share to find better ways of living with one another across and throughout the world – in justice, equality and peace –  all God’s children – all our sisters and brothers.


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