Keeping vampires out – Code 20+C+M+B+13

Another report of our blessed church chalk being used elsewhere in England. This time from Penny, former Parish Assistant

PK A“Will it keep the vampires out?” asked William, my 5 year old nephew as together with his sister, Emily, 10, we marked the doorpost of their Nana’s (my mother’s) house after school. With his comparison to garlic (!) we talked about the markings 20+C+M+B+13 being a sign of God’s blessing upon Nana’s home, family and all who visit, a sign of God’s protection from the things that frighten us (vampires included?!) to focus on God’s goodness and blessing in our homes and lives.

PK 1After marking the doorpost, Emily read the prayers beautifully and made sure we all responded with a loud ‘Amen.’ The word she didn’t recognise was “incarnate”. We discussed what that meant, God becoming human in sending his son, Jesus who was a baby, a little boy, and lived just like we do. After a short pause for thought, a small voice piped up hesitantly, “So, if it keeps vampires out, maybe we should do my house too….?” So off we went across the road to Emily and William’s own house, and marked it too, praying for the family and for the neighbours.

The chalk travels again over the weekend and the following week. It will be used to mark the doorpost of my best friend who gets married this year with an additional prayer for God’s blessing upon the couple’s wedding preparations and married life. It’s final duty will be to mark the doorpost of a home in Burnley – the home of friends, and after next week at least according to William, no vampires!

Click here for full details of the tradition of home blessing markings and blessed chalk!


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1 Response to Keeping vampires out – Code 20+C+M+B+13

  1. This is a beautiful tradition. We put it over our door.

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