The defiance of St Agnes

Although little is reliably known of St Agnes life she has been a popular saint for centuries in the Church. Today, 21st January, we kept her feast day at St Chrysostom’s and here are some words from the address at evening Mass given by Ginny Wilmhoff, Parish Assistant:

Medieval cup depicting the life of St Agnes in the British Museum

Medieval cup depicting the life of St Agnes in the British Museum

Recently, a young woman was brutally raped and her companion attacked in India. This crime has caused many of us throughout the world to consider once again how women are treated in our societies.

Our cultures can begin to change when we stand up against all ideas which do not respect the dignity of persons. Saint Agnes did so in her act of defiance, identifying herself as a bride of Christ and, therefore, worthy of respect. In our interactions with people on a day-to-day basis, we can follow her example by standing firm in our own dignity, not selling ourselves or others short, but treating all as sons and daughters of God.

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