Fr Mark Dalby’s Priority Hymns

This coming Saturday (20th April) there will be a Mass of the Resurrection with thanksgiving for the life of Fr Mark Dalby, former Archdeacon of Rochdale,  a dear friend of Fr Ian and a supporter of our work at St Chrysostom’s. Fr Mark had a keen interest in hymns and here is a list of  ten of his ‘priority’ hymns with his suggested tunes. They are older hymns which he felt were almost ‘lost’ and should not be forgotten. Inevitably such a list is a personal one, and influenced by hymns one has once sung and loved. One suspects in some cases the language would have to be modified if the hymns were to survive.

A man there lived in Galilee (Tune FOREST GREEN)

Come, sinners to the gospel feast (Tune BOSTON)

Glory to thee, Lord God! in faith (Tune CORONA)

Jesus, by thy simple beauty (Tune HALTON HOLGATE)

Jesus, whose all-redeeming love (Tune STRACATHRO)

Long ago the lilies faded (Tune ST MABYN)

Once to every man and nation (Tune HYFRYDOL)

Praise the Lord, his glories show (Tune LLANFAIR)

Spouse of Christ, in arms (Tune GOTT WILL’S MACHEN)

Ye fair green hills of Galilee (Tune ST CATHERINE)

For a more fullsome list of Fr Mark’s ‘priority hymns’ to be preserved before they are lost click – hymns-to-be-preserved

Have you a hymn you feel is in danger of disappearing which you would add to the list?


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5 Responses to Fr Mark Dalby’s Priority Hymns

  1. I’ve long thought that there ought to be a National Curriculim of hymns, hymns that everyone should know. Having said that, not many of these do I know!

  2. Sheila Wright says:

    How about From the eastern mountains (Evelyns)

    If Tony’s National Curriculum of Hymns ever comes in, please can we ban All things bright and beautiful from it?

  3. Julie Allsopp says:

    Fr Ian, this list has come as a complete surprise to both Charles and me! Fr Mark was our much loved Chaplain here at Newland for approx. 10 years. As Charles and Fr Roger compile the hymn lists here, we will try and sing some of the hymns.

  4. looking forward too this service today joan and I have known Fr Mark for many years in Manchester Rochdale and Ffinally in worcestershire.
    The Service in Malver was very well received hope the same happens today

  5. Christian, dost though see them

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