Postcard from Mont Joly

Mt JolyThis summer has been a summer of mountains. It started in dramatic fashion as on the first weekend of the holiday I received a phonecall from the Langdale and Ambleside mountain rescue informing me that my Dad had fallen on the Lakeland fells , suffered a head injury and was being airlifted to hospital. Dad had been incredibly lucky and although he had cut his head badly open he was ok. However the most powerful aspect of the story was the kindness of strangers; not only the mountain rescue team and the air ambulance team but also the lady, named Sarah, who had stayed with Dad for over an hour, looking after the wound and taking care of him. Sadly as a family we have no way of thanking her.

My parents have instilled in both me and my brother a love of mountains. A week later at my parents 50th wedding anniversary, my brother and I were pouring over maps of the French Alps as he showed me some of his favourite walks.

Then followed a glorious two weeks in the French Alps.  The bright blue skies brought the jagged profile of the alps into sharp relief.  The scenery was quite breathtaking and we managed some amazing walks. The long winding paths up were hard work but as we walked ever higher up the views got better and better. My favourite views were from Mount Joly which at 2600 metres gave perfect views of the Mount Blanc Massif. In contrast to the dramatic landscapes all around were the delicate alpine meadows that we walked through.

The other delights of the holiday were the preciptious and dramatic alpine passes and , of course,  the food ; using my very rusty O’level French to buy, bread, cheese and ham each day.

Best wishes,


(Isobel Booler, Headteacher St John’s School)


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