Postcard from Bratislava

Bratislava 1

Monika enjoying the view from Bratislava castle

While in Poland for a christening, the weather became miserable within few days of our arrival, and no possibility of improvement in the following days, so… I reached for my phone, checked the weather forecast in nearby cities, and … the next day we left for Bratislava!

Bear in mind that Slovakia only gained independence in 1993, and is one of the newest countries in European Union, we soon found out that this small country has more to offer than its short history in European Union. The Castle of Bratislava offers one of the most amazing overviews of the city. With Danube River flowing underneath the famous Nový Most Bridge, one cannot afford to ignore or miss this picturesque-ness of Bratislava. Bratislava is slowly emerging as one of the major cities in Europe; however, Bratislava’s old town has something unique in its long tradition that is dated back to 14th century, with important places such as the St. Martin’s Cathedral, Bratislava’s Town Hall, Michael’s Gate, Presidential Palace, Trinity Church, and Comenius University.

Bobbi outside the Salvātor Lékárna

Bobbi outside the Salvātor Lékárna

We took plenty of time to see these interesting places, all within walking distance, in the Old Town. There are many narrow streets that give you the feeling of the past centuries, coupled with modern restaurants without losing the style of the period they represent. The most vibrant of all these places is the main square consisting of the Old town hall, major EU embassies, and lovely restaurants.  Our long walkabout ended in one of these nice restaurants serving typical Slovak meals with affordable prices, and free shot of schnapps after the meal. It can’t be better and cheaper than that, in a glorious nice weather! Our next stop was Vienna, Austria!

Bobbi and Monika



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