When is the best time for coffee?

Tea and Coffee feature a lot in church life.  More tea, vicar? is written on one mug we use at Church, a light hearted reminder of the Church of England pastoral tradition of clergy visiting people in their homes. Most churches serve tea or coffee after Sunday worship, and in the States this is often called Coffee Hour. 

photo 1 (1) (1)Parish Assistants often comment on what seem to them my complicated rules about when I drink tea and when I drink coffee. Its not complicated to meMorning Coffee, and Afternoon Tea. Mind you, tea usually with breakfast, and coffee after lunch and evening meal. Oh.. and never coffee if I feel a headache coming on. Maybe they are right it is a bit complicated!

I suspect like many people I drink too much tea and coffee and as a result have become tolerant of the effects of the caffeine – which is, after all a mild drug. So when is the best time to drink coffee?

From Australia comes an answer! A news article tells of a scientific research on this important topic. Neuroscientist Steven Miller has discovered that we are very alert in our bodies  in the early morning and so its best to wait before having caffeine. If we drink coffee at the ‘wrong’ time for our bodies we can, it seems, become immune to its effects. Caffeine will be most effective, apparently when ‘cortisol levels’ are dropping – between 9.30am and 11.30am.

So (late) morning coffee it is!

Fr Ian

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2 Responses to When is the best time for coffee?

  1. The history of tea is interesting as it started with the very rich and moved down the social scale. Once the bosses realised that workers could work harder if stimulated by caffeine it was made a popular drink for the lower orders! Coffee is an aid to digestion so after a meal is good. Being a decaf person I enjoy the odd bit of caffeine but beware as you say when you do not have the drug its re-introduction can have dramatic effects!

  2. mjthannisch says:

    And what is known as tea time was originally Madeira time. But Madeira lost its place to tea after weather conditions disrupted the grape harvest.

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