Simple gifts of Mothering

George de la Tour: The New Born Christ (detail)

George de la Tour: The New Born Christ (detail)

A thought for Mothering Sunday

Few of us remember all the nurture and care we received in the earliest few years of our lives. Who fed you? Who changed your clothes? Who comforted you? Who, like Mary in the painting here, held you safe in your vulnerability? Who first gave you love?

For many this would be a parent, especially a mother, for others mothering may have been done by someone other than the natural mother. Whoever, it is right to reflect on the mothering we have received and give thanks.

Do you remember a song or prayer from your early years of life?

Infants often receive words, songs or prayers which stay through the years, they can be a comfort in later years. I recently conducted the funeral of a man, with mental health problems, who prayed the Lord’s Prayer with his father each night of the last years of the man’s life. His father had taught him the prayer as a child, and at the end it remained a comfort and strength. Someone recently told me how the words, Little man you’ve had a busy day sung as a child as they went to sleep, still resonated and comforted today. Another person recalled his german mother singing Brahms’ Guten Abend, gute Nacht, mit Rosen bedacht.

Parents, godparents and carers can give children the lovely gift of a comforting song or prayer to stay with them through their lives, and to be with them in their spirits.

A Jewish mother teaches her children simple prayers to remember. Mary, our Blessed Lady, would have taught her child, Jesus, a simple prayer. It is from the psalms and used by Jewish children before sleep. He recalled this simple prayer given to him by his mother as his life came to an end on the cross. Into your hands, O Lord, I commend my Spirit. (Psalm 31.5 Luke 23.46)

Fr Ian

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  1. neodecaussade says:

    Very nice post. I do remember songs from my youth, and they do bring me comfort. Keep up the good work.

    God bless,

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