Goodbye and God bless Miss Michael

From the church archives - 2005. At the blessing of the garden

From the church archives – 2005. At the blessing of the church garden, with Bishop Stephen Lowe and local Imam.

We recently said goodbye to Miss Melanie Michael who has done very good  work as Headteacher at St Chrysostom’s School for over nine years.  Miss Michael, herself of the Jewish faith, has strongly encouraged all faiths in the school and has also encouraged strong and imaginative links between church and school, which have not only enriched the children’s education but also the lives of staff and church members. 


Miss Michael shares here some of her magic moments arising from the church and school relationship:

  • Awe and wonder of Munamato, Christingle, musical concerts at Church
    with St John’s School, Victoria Park Carol Service (and especially the
    opportunity to be a reader and listen to congregants speaking in their
    native tongue).
  • The opportunity to be a reader with my father at Manchester Cathedral.
  • Being a participator at the memorial for Keith Bennett.
  • With Fr Garadny at the Prayer Tree blessing

    With Fr Garadny, Russian Orthodox priest, at the Prayer Tree blessing 2012

    Watching Father Ian being made a Canon at Manchester Cathedral.

  • Building up enrichment through the role of the parish assistants in school.
  • Pupil experiences led by Church (Mirfield, jazz concerts in school).
  • The feedback session from the Ofsted Lead inspector in 2011 to us
    highlighting all those outstanding judgements.
  • Visit to local mosque … children creating prayer wishes on a tree
    inside and outside church.. mosaic making at Church!!
  • And of course, my father leading Haiku poetry session at Church.I have so many memories which I will always cherish.

God bless you all,


Goodbye!  from Munamato,  with Bishop Mark

Goodbye! from Munamato,
with Bishop Mark

Bishop Mark called in at School and at Munamato with Fr Ian thanked Melanie for all her outstanding work at the school, and for what she has done for the church.

Melanie was given a candle from Munamato to take with her to her new school, and to remember the spititual moments of prayer and reflection she has shared at St Chrysostom’s.

May God bless her in her new work and home.



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