Revd Peter Timms nominated for bishop!

An inspiring nomination is announced today for Bishop in the Church of England.

Revd Peter Timms of Greendale

Revd Peter Timms of Greendale

Peter Timms – ‘Revd Timms’ – has been the Incumbent of Greendale, near Pencaster, in Cumbria for over thirty years – taking up the post in 1981. During this time he has served his parish and community cheerfully and outstandingly. There is no doubt that he has achieved nationwide popularity especially among the young.

Peter Timms is above all a kind and sensitive priest, who has time for others and has pastoral care at the heart of his ministry. He gets among people, he takes an interest in them, their families and their communities and shows a love and care for all. He is even mannered, has a good sense of humour and is clearly loved by many –  all key qualities for a good shepherd of the flock.

The nomination from Greendale is supported, as follows, by the nine criteria for selection for ministry of the Church of England. (Identified in bold)

Moving beyond the church

Moving beyond the church

Peter Timms has a thorough knowledge of  Ministry within the Church of England and in his time at Greendale has, without doubt, displayed a holistic commitment to his vocation. He is a priest for all, and looks beyond internal church issues. From the amount of time Peter spends in prayer, his style of ministry, and the personal care he gives to the church and its grounds, it is clear he has a deep sense of Anglican Spirituality. He has a wide and inclusive understanding of mission and evangelism, although he never uses the word ‘mission’ he has displayed an innovative awareness of the ‘five marks of mission.’ He regularly supports, and is at the centre of community events, for example in ensuring the church has a central role in the Greendale Midsummer Market, and in leading the celebrations at the re-opening of Pencaster Town Hall.

Always among the people

Always among the people

Peter Timms has depth of personality and character.  His caring extends beyond individuals to the whole community. When severe weather conditions affected travel in Greendale he immediately put the church at the service of the community. Within church life and within the wider community he is fully inclusive in approach. He involves others in his work and so shows an open, gentle and guileless attitude to Leadership and Collaboration, which is rooted in his personality and capability and he has never been known to use such terms such as ‘management’ or ‘administration.’ He speaks his mind gently and with sincerity and is prepared to speak out his personal views with integrity.

He is a sincere and friendly man who has strong supporting relationships in his ministry. His family support him. Although Elsie, his sister, lives in Australia they visit one another, and the local postman, Pat Clifton, gives evidence of regular letters and postcards. He has cousins (Jill and Sylvia) who live near Greendale.

Peter Timms usually travels by bicycle - evidence of his ecological sensitivity

Peter Timms usually travels by bicycle – evidence of his ecological sensitivity

Peter Timms’ ability to relate his faith to the complex demands of contemporary society is attested by his commitment to to pastoral care, church life and outreach, and by the encouraging use of Bible quotations which he freely offers at many different occasions to a wide variety of people.

He has appropriate self awareness and is willing to admit his mistakes and vulnerabilities. For example, he talks of the time when he inadvertently let the brake off the local train – the Greendale Rocket. ‘Revd Timms’ is articulate and sensitive to the setting in which he speaks, showing an aptitude and Quality of Mind suitable to the episcopate.

The nomination of Revd Peter Timms for a bishop in the Church of England is both realistic and informed. Without doubt he is a strong candidate for the next vacant see in the Church of England.

We invite you to support the nomination – share on Twitter, Facebook etc. Thank you.

1st April 2015


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2 Responses to Revd Peter Timms nominated for bishop!

  1. Mick Futers says:

    It would have been nice to have had a photo of Postman Pat delivering Revd Timms’ letter of appointment!

  2. I hope +Peter isn’t too upset by the provisions of the “Lords Spiritual (Women) Bill” now awaiting Royal Assent. He will of course be handicapped by not being called to the House of Lords until all the eligible women bishops have taken their seats.

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