“A wonderful and enriching weekend”

Fifteen people from different parts of the UK came together this weekend in Manchester for the SCP Vocations Weekend, based at Luther King House and St Chrysostom’s, with visits to several different churches.

Those on the weekend plus a few helpers

Smiles from all taking part, plus a few helpers

Those taking part came from a great variety of places – Downpatrick, St Asaph, Birmingham, London and more. Busy, inspiring, varied and fun ccould sum up the time together. Friendships were made, and encouragement shared.

Highlights included (in the words of those on the weekend) –  “visits to a variety of parishes and meeting different forms of ministry, fellowship with one another, Benediction, curry night.”

We asked those coming to sum up their experience of the weekend. Here are some of the answers “A wonderful opportunity to explore my vocation,” “Excellent. Was very helpful in encouraging me…” “It has been a fun, interesting, thought provoking and thoroughly enjoyable weekend that has really helped me explore my call to ministry.”

Stephen, who was on the weekend reflects on it here.

Thank you to all who made the weekend possible. It was not only participants who enjoyed it. Those who helped were encouraged by those taking part. It’s great too that many of those taking part have said they will keep in touch, and continue to share thoughts arising from the time together.

We look forward to 2016’s Vocation weekend!


About stchrysostoms

St Chrysostom’s is an Anglican (Church of England) parish church in Manchester, UK. We’re an inclusive, diverse and welcoming faith community rejoicing in our Anglo Catholic tradition, where people of many differing backgrounds make friends. Find our Facebook group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/2364267899/
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5 Responses to “A wonderful and enriching weekend”

  1. Marcus Pittman says:

    Was a great weekend. Got to meet some amazing people also exploring a vocation and hear from some brilliant speakers. To anyone who feels called, and wishes to explore this, I would recommend the 2016 weekend.

  2. Carole Young says:

    A wonderful and inspiring weekend. Great friendships made, great advice given and received. Recommended for anyone exploring their vocation. Grateful thanks to all involved.

  3. simon charlwood says:

    I must say what a wonderful group of people I have meet .
    A true pleasure to talk and discuss our calling and faith journeys.
    A very helpful weekend in trying to understand my calling and vocation .
    Highly recommended to anyone and all .

  4. Steve Gray says:

    Excellent weekend. Intensive, thought provoking and enlightening. Praises, meeting and sharing. For those who facilitated, thanks for your hard work and honesty.

    Shame there is only 1 a year, I wish we could all meet again.

  5. The weekend was a unique experience to explore my vocation that I could not have gained another way. There are plenty of websites and reading lists on vocations. The weekend allowed me to join with others on the same journey, hear their stories and learn from those who have gone before us. Particularly valuable was the opportunity to visit serving priests in their “natural habitat” – their parishes – seeing the geographical settings, exploring church buildings, participating in worship and meeting some congregation members. The priests explained their calling and ministry, and answered our questions. We got a feel for different settings of the work of the church, and discussed them. A lot else was packed into the one weekend. I have now much to reflect on.

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