John William Womersley

On 4th June 1915, one hundred years ago today, John William Womersley, a member of St Chrysostom’s Church, wass killed in the Battle of Krithia, on the Gallipoli peninsula. He was 31 years old.

John (Jack) Womersley was born on February 3rd 1884, the eldest son of Frederick and Emily Womersley of The Olives, Anson Road, Victoria Park. (Very near St Chrysostom’s Church). He was educated at Mill Hill School in north London. As a young man he became a partner in his father’s accountancy firm, Womersley and Sons of King Street, Manchester. He took an active interest in the local community and was a member of St Chrysostom’s congregation, later a sidesman at the church.

Womersley Group WW1

Officers of the 8th Battalion the Manchester Regiment. John Womersley is 8th from the left on the back row.

Jack enrolled in the 8th (Ardwick) Batallion of the Manchester Regiment before the war broke out, and in May 1914 was promoted to Lieutenant. His Battalion was mobilised in the First World War for action in Egypt. Arriving in September 1914, in the first week of May 1915 they embarked for Gallipoli and were engaged in the third battle of Krithia. John was killed in action on the first day of the battle – 4th June 1915.

AlfHe is buried in the Redoubt Cemetry, Helles, on the Gallipoli peninsula, Turkey. John’s sister, Dorothy, paid for the Alfred the Great window in St Chrysostom’s Church to be installed in his memory and a plaque remembering him is below the window.

Womersley plaque

On the centenary of his death we remember him and pray for him and all victims of war.

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5 Responses to John William Womersley

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  2. As you can see from the pingback I’ve finally finished a rather more comprehensive post on John William Womersley and his family which can be found at – thanks for posting the image of the memorial window. It’s interesting to note that bible verse that appears on the window is also on his grave in Gallipoli

  3. John Blackburn says:

    David Underdown’s account of John William Womersley, my great-uncle, is most interesting. Even more interesting is his story of the whole of the Womersley family, and of the Pare family, my mother being Margaret Allison Womersley. Since she was born in Victoria Park, Manchester, St. Chrystostoms would have been her family church.

    • davidunderdown95 says:

      John, I’ve only just noticed your reply. As I mention in my blogpost Margaret was baptised in St Chrysostom’s.

      There’s a contact link on my blog, if you drop me a line and I can send you photos of the transcription of Frederick’s original journal, and various other bits and pieces if they would be of interest.

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