Pray with St C’s – join in wherever you are

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Prayer and worship is at the heart of our Christian life at St Chrysostom’s. Each year during the octave (week) of Corpus Christi we have 24 hours of prayer at church. The Blessed Scarament is exposed as a focus for silent prayer, the labyrinth is laid out, there are books to help, and there are others helps for prayer for those who wish yo use them.

This year we start with Mass celebrated by Bishop Mark on Tuesday 9th June at 7pm and go through to 7pm on Wednesday. Kind folk have offered to pray through the night to keep the prayer going.

You are invited to join. There are three ways you can join in:

1) Come to church for an hour during the 24 hours of prayer. (Ideally put your name on the rota).

2) Come for a shorter period. During the day we are keeping the traditional offices (services) of prayer of the Church. You could come to one of those.

Here are the times:

Tuesday 9th, 7pm Mass with Bishop Mark, 9.30pm Compline, 11.30pm The Office of Readings.

Wednesday 10th, 6am Prime,  9am Mattins,  12Noon Sext,  3pm None, 5pm Vespers. 24 hours of prayer closes at 7pm.

3) Maybe you are reading this far away from St Chrysostom’s, or for some other reason you can’t make it to church – don’t worry! You can join in ‘remotely’ . Here are the services we will use in Church (Compline is here)

24 hours 11.30pm Office Readings

24 Hours 6am Prime, 9am Mattins and 12 Noon Sext

24 hours 3pm None 5pm Vespers

if you click on the services above you’ll find a copy of the words of the service we will use in church, which you could use too. Or you could set aside some time during the 24 hours for personal prayer.

You can let us know if you are joining in through our Facebook Page, or tweet @StChrys


About stchrysostoms

St Chrysostom’s is an Anglican (Church of England) parish church in Manchester. We’re an inclusive, diverse and welcoming faith community where people of differing backgrounds make friends. Find our Facebook group at
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2 Responses to Pray with St C’s – join in wherever you are

  1. Sister Diana says:

    I have offered to do 7 to 8 am on Weds – at the Convent in Derby.
    Hope you get a really good response in situ and from a distance

  2. Sylvia Smith says:

    Although I am unable to attend church to join in the prayers services, I am joining in at home to pray for everyone.

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