The Dove on our Church corner

Bird joined 2We’ve a lovely new carved dove outside church.

Ricky, a local wood carver, has created a beautiful and unique carving of our dove symbol from the trunk of a tree we had to have cut down. We believe this splendid carving not only enhances our church grounds, but also is a lovely addition to this busy area within our unique local community. Do come and see and why not post a photo of it on Facebook or Twitter (see below).

The story began when we discovered that two trees on the Anson Road side of Church were causing trouble. Their roots had raised pathways and destroyed drains, the main problem being that they were too large to be so close to the church building. They were recently taken down and we decided to have one of the trunks carved.

We hoped to have a carving of a dove and although one or two wood carvers said it wouldn’t be possible Ricky, who carves using chainsaws, said he would take on the job.

The tree before carving

The tree before carving

We chose a dove carving, the symbol of St Chrysostom’s Church. The dove is a universal symbol of peace, and a sign of inclusion.

For Christians the dove is also a sign of God’s care and love for all creation (from the story of Noah) as well as being a sign of the Holy Spirit of God.

Much of the funding for the carving was provided by donations given in memory of Tommy (Thomas Moore) a local man who lived at the Victoria Nursing Home and who regularly came to Church on Sundays and during the week. Tommy loved to call by whenever he saw the church door open, and loved to chat to people, and take an interest in them.

We miss Tommy at Church and often talk about him. he brought out love and care in many people, as well as being a faithful and humble Christian. We are sure he would be delighted to see the wood carving.

Ricky at work carving the bird

Ricky at work carving the bird

Even after only a few hours in place the carving is causing great interest. People are crossing the road to see it, and to photograph it.

Passers by, strangers to one another have started talking to each other about it. In the words of a 9yr old member of our church ‘it’s bringing people together.’

We hope the dove will go on being a sign of our wish at St Chrysostom’s ‘to bring people together.’

We’re inviting people to ‘tweet’ or post on Facebook their photo of the carving using the #StChrys hashtag.


About stchrysostoms

St Chrysostom’s is an Anglican (Church of England) parish church in Manchester. We’re an inclusive, diverse and welcoming faith community where people of differing backgrounds make friends. Find our Facebook group at
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