Painting the Nativity

TibetanSandra, at Church, has had the lovely idea for us to post a different representation of the Nativity of Our Lord in art from different cultures, and different centuries.

The images so far have been wonderful and have ranged from medieval to modern, from Bengal to the US. They have been striking, beautiful and challenging. They help us to pause for a moment in Advent and think  about the birth of Jesus. Looking at the variety we cannot help but remember that God came to earth for all people and all times.

Sandra writes, of the lovely image above, that this is “A nativity image from the Roman Catholic Church in Kalimpong , West Bengal in the style of a Tibetan Buddhist monastery. Biblical characters in the many biblical scenes adorning its walls are depicted in Tibetan dress. I visited nine years ago, I long to return.” 

Do look out on our Facebook Group, or through Twitter (follow @StChrys or see #StChrys) and receive the beautiful images, day by day up to Christmas, and then a new series, depicting the Feast days after Christmas and the magi (wise men) will begin for up to Epiphany (3rd January).

If you’ve a favourite image you are very welcome to post it in the church facebook group too, of course.


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