Tenth Station – Jesus Stripped of His Garments

Jesus Stripped of His GarmentsWe adore you O Christ and we bless you
Because by your Holy Cross you have redeemed the world

The huntsmen are all about me; a band of ruffians rings me round, and they have hacked off, my hands and feet. I tell my tale of misery, while they look on and gloat. They share out my garments among them and cast lots for my cloths. Psalm 22:16-18

It seems that every step to Calvary brought fresh humiliation to our Lord. No doubt Jesus’ sensitive nature recoiled at being stripped before a crowd of people. Christ leaves this life as he entered into it – completely detached from all the comforts of this world.

Christ wishes us to know that without a doubt he loved us with an unselfish love. His love for us caused him nothing but pain and sorrow. He gave everything and received nothing in return. Why do we find it so hard to be detached? In his loving mind, did our Lord look up to the Father as he stood there on that hill, shivering from cold and shame and trembling from fear, and ask Him to have mercy on those who would make love a mockery? Did He ask forgiveness for those whose greed would make them lie, cheat and steal for a few pieces of gold or silver?

Ask yourself: Do I love unselfishly or give my love freely as Jesus has done for me?

Revd Ray Clifford, retired priest living in London.

And now move to the Eleventh Station.

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