Alan Franks nominated to be Church of England Bishop

Alan and Usha Franks

Alan and Usha Franks

Today’s fantastic church news is that Alan Franks has been nominated to be a Bishop in the Church of England. Alan is already very popular with BBC Radio 4 listeners.

This man would be a great bishop. What an inspiring and imaginative choice. Alan is a trained accountant (an impressive qualification for the modern bishop). He has a broad experience of ministry, and a fantastic wide range of interests – including his motorbike, rock music, chocolate brazils, and, as he says ‘anything out there.’

One who knows him well has commented: The loss of his first wife and solo parenting gave Alan a real understanding and empathy for others’ griefs and troubles. He’s unafraid of confronting difficult situations and stands by his principles. He will passionately make himself heard where he perceives injustice.

Alan has a heart for outreach and mission. He has a vision for a Big Church. He mixes well with all people. He is very much a ‘people person.’ Responding to community and family crises, supporting food banks, taking in a young heroin addict and challenging prejudice have all been issues Alan has wholeheartedly tackled.

Alan doesn’t hold back with fresh expressions in church life too. For December 2015, for example, he announced a ‘contemporary and bold reworking’ of the traditional Nativity play. The BBC has commented “Good looking, good humoured and an original thinker…Alan is a mover and shaker.” A great candidate in the Reform and Renewal movement of the Church of England.

St St AmbridgeIn addition Alan has personal experience of race and inter faith issues. His first wife, Catherine, of African Caribbean descent, died in 1995 and Alan then decided to move to full time parish ministry. In 2008 he married Usha, a solicitor and a practising Hindu. The couple support one another in following their respective faiths.

Since 2003 Alan has been the Vicar of Darrington, Edgeley, Penny Hassett and Ambridge, in the Diocese of Felpersham. Bishop Andrew and Archdeacon Rachel support Alan’s nomination.

Alan has done an outstanding ministry at Ambridge and is highly respected and well known. His fame extends well beyond his parishes. He is heard regularly on Radio 4.  His sermons have been broadcast too.

An excellent choice!

Do share this inspiring news today via Facebook, Twitter etc. Exactly a year ago we announced  Peter Timms‘ nomination but sadly he still awaits appointment.

And look – now Jack Callahan is nominate for bishop too.

1st April 2016


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3 Responses to Alan Franks nominated to be Church of England Bishop

  1. "P. Woolley" says:

    Really?! Whatever is the diocese thinking of? Badly done!

    As one of the oldest Ambridge residents and a member, by marriage, of the locally well-known and well-respected Archer family, I do not think this is a very good idea at all. I do not like all these attempts to make our Church more modern. On Easter Sunday, some of the teenagers came to the Ambridge service in JEANS! And Alan Franks didn’t say a word about it. In fact, he spent ages chatting to them afterwards, whereas when I asked him for a Bible verse that would clarify the importance of eating simnel cake at Easter, he merely laughed and said he was sure that, in the eyes of the Almighty, all cakes are equal. And then asked whether I’d consider making one for the next tea service at the Laurels!

    I’d prefer a nice traditional bishop, who still favours the 1662 prayer book. Motor-bike riding is hardly appropriate for a bishop, is it? Though another villager, Susan Carter told me yesterday that a woman had been nominated for the bishopric, as well as Alan. Can that really be true? People in Penny Hassett may accept such a violation of an age-old tradition, but I feel I should point out, on behalf of the entire village, that we in Ambridge are above such fashionable folly. I trust that you will reconsider the nomination of Alan franks and ignore the presumptuous female candidate, whoever she is.

    P. Woolley

  2. Rosie T says:

    This portly prelate is certainly not well respected, he is a chump. The Bible does not tell that Jesus forgave Judas.
    He vowed only to stay 8 years in Ambridge, and has long outstayed his welcome. A pity this is a mere April Fool, as his departure would be rapturously welcomed.

  3. Bruce Bridgewood says:

    Is he a catholic though ?

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