The 1960’s: Roy Orbison, the Twist and limp lettuce

Roy OrbisonWe move from the 1950’s into the 1960s in our fascinating series of blog posts about the decades of the Queen’s life. Canon Alma shares her memories of a 60’s childhood.

Alma’s favourite music in the 1960’s  was Perry Como’s ‘What did Delaware,’ and she was a huge fan of Roy Orbison. Other popular music of the time was Cliff Richard, and, of course, the Beatles. Popular films included Elvis films, Summer Holiday, and Westerns.

The 60’s was a decade of change. Women usually still wore hats to church but in the  early 60’s ‘The Twist’ fashion came in. There were Twist dresses – an imitation of 1920’s dress with dropped waist, and chisel toed shoes were popular.

Youth clubs were very popular and teenagers were quite common in church in those days, although most church officials were still only men.

60s told by St Chrysostom's School children - man on the moon, colour television, World Cup victory and decimal currency

60s told by St Chrysostom’s School children – man on the moon, colour television, World Cup victory and decimal currency

Food was not as inspiring as it is today. Alma remembers meat and potatoes pies, stew and dumplings, salad with limp lettuce, tomatoes, boiled egg, and Brown Windsor soup. It was the time of the rise of the coffee bar and wimpy bars with juke boxes appeared in the high streets. However, eating out was not the pleasure it was to become, restaurant food was unadventurous and often of not very good quality.

The air quality in the 60s was not good. There was lots of fumes, smoke and heavy fog as a result. Buildings were often black with pollution.

School was very conventional . A full uniform was insisted upon and games included hockey and lacrosse. Holidays were spent initially on the East Yorkshire Coast at Scarborough, until the family became a little more adventurous and  went to the Isle of Man and Ireland.

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One Response to The 1960’s: Roy Orbison, the Twist and limp lettuce

  1. Sandra Palmer says:

    And in the sixties skirts got shorter and shorter and shorter.
    Two Kennedys died; most of us remember where we were when we heard the news.
    A man walked on the moon – I made my poor class listen to the landing telling them it was an historic moment . ( no televisions in school then )
    Australian aborigines, as they were then known were given the vote – only 68 years after universal suffrage for the invaders.
    Young men in Australia were conscripted to fight in Vietnam
    And the sun shone – but then my sixties memories are of Australia.

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