Postcard from Hong Kong and Phuket

We’ve had a fine selection of ‘postcards’ to our church blog from church members who have been different parts of the world. Church members certainly get about a bit!  The latest postcard to be delivered comes from Kenson, in Hong Kong. Who tells us about the photos he sends:

hk1I took the first photo at Nelson street, right in the middle of Mong Kok, one of the busiest area in Kowloon. As Kowloon was annexed by the British after the second opium war, back in 1860, it’s filled with streets of very British names, such as Nathan Road, Humphreys Ave, Prince Edward Road (back then when Edward is still a Prince), Princess Margaret Road (commemorating her visit in 1966), Cameron Road and even May Road (that’s located in Hong Kong island).

My church in Hong Kong is located in Tsim Sha Tsui (literally meaning ‘pointy sand mouth’), at Austin avenue. It belongs to the Christian and missionary alliance, a very popular Protestant denomination among Chinese in Asia, Australia and North America.
My church’s name is Hebron Church, taking its name from a place mentioned many times in the old testament, where David was anointed as king over the house of Judah.
We have a very strong evangelical tradition, mainly through establishing new churches in Hong Kong (so more people from different areas can hear the gospel). We’ve so far established twelve churches, we even have a church serving mainly mentally and physically disabled Christians. My church has roughly 800 members attending four services per Sunday. We also have a children’s service serving around 120 children.

p-t-u-1The second picture is taken in Phuket, in Thailand, where I have been on holiday with my family. It’s a place I haven’t visited for fourteen years. The weather was terrible during my visit, it rained very heavily, thus a very good preparation for my return to Manchester in a few days time.

I’ll be returning to Manchester this week and I hope to join all of you in worship and fellowship.


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