The 1990s: Kwik Save, Princess Di and Poll Tax

Continuing our series on childhoods spent in the different decades of the Queen’s reign we’ve reached the 1990s. Syeda, who works at St John’s School, has told us of her childhood in the 1990s.

pf-park-uuSyeda was born in Rusholme, and in the 90s there was a greater sense of community there, more families lived there, and there were fewer students. Syeda’s father was an Imam and she remembers him working with the Rector of Holy Trinity, Platt Lane.

Syeda went to Heald Place school which was very multi cultural. As it happened she had the same teacher for most of her school days there. She loved the school, there was a real ‘buzz.’ She remembers assemblies, with hymn books, and in Year 6, sitting on benches in the hall. The school had a community room where there were lessons for parents.

After school it was usually mosque for a couple of hours then playing in the park. Weekends were often spent playing in Platt Fields Park, around the pond area, rolling down the hills and going, in the summer, to fun fairs.

ks-u-uAt that time Wilmslow Road had more grocery shops and people knew each other well. Kwik Save was a popular shop and Syeda especially remembers getting Cereals with toys and special offers as well as Spaceraider crisps, Marathons (Snickers) and Dime Bars.

Syeda’s family was large, there were seven children so holidays were often spent locally. For example in going to an uncle’s house in Runcorn for several weeks. Uncle’s house was opposite the railway tracks and berry picking was a popular activity.

pjimage-7This was the time of  Princess Diana often being in the news with her charity work.  There was the Gulf War, flooding in Bangladesh, the Poll tax riots and Margaret Thatcher as Prime Minister.

Music Syeda remembers includes– New Kids on the Block, Take That, E17, Kylie Minogue, and popular TV programmes were Thundercats, Rugrats, Byker Grove, Brookside, Emmerdale Farm, and Coronation Street.

Thank you, Syeda for these lovely and evocative memories.

(For memories of earlier decades see:  1980s, 1970s, 1960s, 1950s, 1940s, and the 1930s.)


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