Women of Courage in the Bible

Women of courage stand out in the Bible. Sometimes because of the way history is told, and even faith proclaimed, men can seem to predominate. With this in mind the St Chrysostom’s  Justice and Peace group is looking at the stirring examples of women of courage in the Bible.

Have you a favourite Biblical woman of courage?

Some Women of Courage in the Bible, Rahab, Tabitha, Mary of Revelation, Ruth

We asked this question through our church twitter account and received some lovely fascinating, challenging and insightful answers, which we thought it would be great to share. An advantage of Twitter is that the contributor is limited in words they can use – so the responses were brief and to the point.

Jayne Ozanne, a “Gay Evangelical Christian – Writer – Speaker” nominated: “Jael who lures a bully with her charm into her tent and drives a tent peg through his head or Rahab who helps two Jewish spies.”

Grace, a family support worker replies with: Argh, so many to choose from. Esther and Rahab spring to mind straight away!

Amy also nominates Rahab who “was brave when times were dangerous.  She wasn’t afraid to act on faith when action was needed.”

Judith, a children’s nurse names Deborah: “who transformed her bonds of servitude into those of love”

Most blessed of women be Jael (Judges 5.24)

Stephen Heard; “Native Londoner and Essex boy” suggested: Ruth who “stood in tears amid the alien corn.”

David Walker, Bishop of Manchester, tweets: I’m with the brave woman who argues with Jesus over the “crumbs that fall from the table” and gets him to rethink the scope of his mission.

While Paul Bayes, Bishop of Liverpool says: Mary in Revelation, my inspiration – with a child, chased by dragons.

Sarah McDonald, Curate at Hope Church, Islington tweets: I’m gonna go with either Priscilla or Lydia. First female church planters!

Jo Kershaw promptly tweeted her response: Judith.

And the final word to Elaine Wilkes from Loughborough “Inked Biker Girl who runs a motorbike shop with her Biker Boy. Slave to cats.”: Mary, for me. Who turned the world upside down without needing a man, just God!

Those are some of the suggestions – does any particularly encourage you? Is a favourite of yours not listed?


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