Come and see, go quickly and tell …

“The Light of Christ. Thanks be to God”

‘Come and see the place where he was laid, and then go quickly and tell …’ (Matthew 28.6)

‘Come and see’. Come and feast your eyes on the empty tomb.   Come and see the eleven disciples in the upper room as the risen Lord appears to them. And pray for the eyes of faith that you may see the risen Lord here in our midst today, explaining the scriptures to us, in the sacraments, in the faces of others…

Come and see the risen Lord.   Come and share in the Easter experience.

Then, a command. ‘Go quickly and tell.’ There are many, many people who are longing to hear the good news which we celebrate at St Chrysostom’s at Easter.   People who believe in goodness, and who long to be assured of its eternal value and its ultimate triumph.   People who find life baffling, devoid of meaning and purpose, and who long to discover just who they are and what their life is about.   People who cherish the gift of life, and who long to be convinced of eternal life.   People who’ve experienced God’s love through the love of a parent, a spouse, a partner or a child who’s died, and they can’t believe that the earthly parting was final – and yet they can’t believe either that it wasn’t.

People in their hundreds and thousands longing to hear the good news of Easter:             that Jesus Christ rose from the dead; that evil was overcome; that good was – and will be – triumphant; that this earthly life has an eternal dimension, an eternal significance; and that Our Lord’s victory over death, and His eternal life, are things which we and our loved ones can share.

At St Chrysostom’s we do indeed have a gospel to proclaim.  Jesus Christ is risen today. Come and see.  Our church experience at Easter was undoubtedly enriching and beautiful, strengthening us. I believe Eastertide and beyond this year will be special for us too at St C’s as we go sharing the light. Go quickly and tell…

(A summary of Fr Ian’s sermon given at the High Mass of Easter Day)


About stchrysostoms

St Chrysostom’s is an Anglican (Church of England) parish church in Manchester. We’re an inclusive, diverse and welcoming faith community where people of differing backgrounds make friends. Find our Facebook group at
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