Poetry, please! A lovely selection of poems

What do Chocolate Cake,  a Teabag and a Turkey have in common?

They were connected by poetry today! This morning, on National Poetry Day, I visited St John’s School and read some poetry in different classes and I asked a variety of children and staff to name a poem they liked.

Dreams by Langston Hughes

Before giving the staff answers here are two nominations from children – Chocolate Cake by Michael Rosen was very popular, and another good choice was William Wordsworth’s Daffodils.

‘In no particular order’, here are the choices of staff who were asked. Mrs Smith chose Alfred Noyes’ evocative and descriptive poem The Highywayman, and an unusual and fun choice from Mrs Froggat was I’d like to be a teabag by Peter Dixon.

Poems remembered from childhood were popular choices, and some staff even enjoyed reciting them there and then. Miss Affonso chose Spike Milligan’s On the Ning Nang Nong and Mrs Mortlock’s choice was Edward Lear’s The Jumblies

They went to sea in a Sieve, they did

I read one of my ‘five favourites’ to one class, Walter de la Mare’s The Listeners, and Mrs Francis, Head of School also chose one by Walter de la Mare, Silver. It had special connections for her as Walter de la Mare lived in a nearby village to her Oxfordshire childhood home.

Benjamin Zephaniah’s entertaining and thought provoking  Talking Turkeys was the choice of more than one staff member. Mrs Rahman chose the lovely short poem Dreams by Langston Hughes. (Reproduced here).

And finally three different ‘classic’ poems. Mrs Gordon’s choice was by the great Irish poet W B Yeats the poignant and challenging poem An Irish Airman forsees his death. Mr Sivori chose a great priest and poet, Jonne Donne, naming a few of his poems and selecting No man is an Island . Ms Thornbury’s choice was by the acclaimed American poet Maya Angelou Still I rise.

What a wonderful selection. Now let’s encourage the staff to do a poetry reading event!

Fr Ian

…and if you remain in the mood for more poetry have a look at the choices of five favourite poems by different people connected with church: Here, and here – from another staff member at St John’s School, and also here.

PS You are welcome to nominate a choice – just put it in comments, below.


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