An Ignatius Quiz

The Author of Sherlock Homes

What is the full name of the author of the Sherlock Holmes stories?

That was Question 6 of a light hearted St Ignatius (of Antioch) Quiz, written by Fr Ian for a gathering of the Manchester Chapter of the Society of Catholic Priests, held on St Ignatius’ day (18th October). Points were given for creative or correct answers.

Why not try the quiz yourself? (Answers in the comments section below).

  1. Ignatius, born about the year 37, is said to have been a disciple of whom?
  1. Ignatius is said to be the third bishop of Antioch, who is said to be the first?
  1. In which modern country is ancient Antioch?
  1. Can you name two other saints who, by tradition, came from Antioch whose feast days are September 13th and October 18th?
  1. For which of the following was Ignatius Bonomi (1787 – 1870) famous ?
    1. Being the first railway architect
    2. The architect of Durham prison
    3. Being husband of the author Charlotte Bonomi, author of the moralising novel Agnes Grey
  1. What was the full name of the author of the Sherlock Holmes stories?
  1. Botticelli’s painting of Ignatius shows the removal of the saint’s heart. What is written on the heart?
  1. Hannes Ignatius was a famous general, in which country: Germany, Austria, Prussia or Finland?
  1. Can you find the name of a country from letters in the name Ignatius?
  1. According to St Ignatius when is the Bishop most like God?

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1 Response to An Ignatius Quiz

  1. 1. St John the Evangelist 2. St Peter 3. Turkey 4. St John Chrysostom and St Luke 5. All of them 6. Sir Arthur Ignatius Conan Doyle 7. Jesus 8. Finland 9. Tunisia (and USA) 10. When he is silent

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