Paul Brown nominated for Bishop in the Church of England

We are delighted at the news that Paul Brown has been nominated for the post of bishop in the Church of England.

Brown has had a wonderfully rich and varied ministry so far. He has worked in Cobhole in Essex, and in Camberwell, Putney, all in the Diocese of Southwark; and also in Greenford and Scarborough. His ministry has been enriched by a spell in prison chaplaincy and by a period of work in South America.

Many speak of his understanding of the human heart, his psychological insights into human nature and his sense of humour. Gilbert Chesterton, who knows him well, has written of Brown as a man whose priority is to be among people – listening, encouraging and serving. In his speaking Brown talks clearly and openly about about sin, and forgiveness, faith and unbelief.

Without doubt Brown has grasped difficult situations and with gentle thoughtfulness he has solved many problems. His work has come to the attention of many people around the UK, and indeed beyond, through his appearance on the BBC.

As one commentator has remarked ‘Paul Brown’s nomination brings an insightful and intelligent candidate before the Church. His dedication to service, pastoral sensitivity, insight into good and evil, and honouring of what is good in tradition bring a much needed balance to the modern church. Paul is an excellent pastor who will lead by good example and show exemplary pastoral skills, not least in sacrificial care to people and their families. A welcome balance to a more managerial approach.’

While being traditional in many respects Brown speaks to the modern age.  “Unlike my predecessors, I believe that scientific discoveries should be celebrated, not damned,” he comments. He has been described as ‘very open minded, and Christ like.’ At one time he invited an interracial couple to live with him in his own home, and they remained there even when the woman turned out to be a practitioner of voodoo. In another celebrated incident when many local Christians became very heated about local practices of witchcraft Brown took a refreshingly accommodating view and rather than confronting he spoke with the neo-pagans, remarking “they follow a spiritual path, which is rooted in nature and the cycle of the seasons.”

This generous and open attitude and willingness to engage should undoubtedly be welcomed in the current renewal and reform movement in the Church of England. Brown is prepared to get on his (motor) bike and take action. We wish this nomination well. (read more about Paul Brown here.)

Do support Paul Brown’s nomination, – spread the word. You may like to support the nomination by using the buttons below to share on Twitter or Facebook. Thank you.

Don’t forget some earlier nominees have yet to become bishops. They too need your support, for example, remember Peter Timms was nominated in 2015Alan Franks was nominated in 2016, and Jack Callahan in 2017.

1st April 2018


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1 Response to Paul Brown nominated for Bishop in the Church of England

  1. Mel Plumley says:

    Delighted to read of Paul’s, I mean Mark’s, er Fr Brown’s move to Anglicanism!

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