Funeral hymn choices: Twitter responses

More on funeral hymns. At present we’re putting a ‘Question for the week’ on Twitter. We particularly invite recent followers of @StChrys to think of their answer to the question.

We recently asked: At this moment what would be your choice of funeral hymn? Here is a selection of the wonderfully varied answers we received

Revd Leslie Scoopmire @scoopexplainsit responded: Morning Has Broken because the image of Jesus in a garden is beautiful to me.

Revd Shuna @shunad  Oooh great question. I have a wee note tucked away with instructions for my family with just this info. ‘I The Lord of sea and sky’ is one choice. A 2nd would be ‘Abide with me’. Since Emile Sande sang it at the Olympics opening I have come to appreciate the words greatly.

Liam Beadle @liambeadle favours a traditional approach: ‘Jerusalem the golden’ to EWING. At a 1662 Funeral, please!

Neil McCleery @tartanbiretta has obviously given the subject some thought: Lead, Kindly Light: tune Alberta. No eulogy, no photos in the Order of Service.

Jane Scriven @mrsjscriv replied: It would have to be ‘Guide Me, O Thou Great Redeemer’ sung to the tune Cwm Rhondda’. and also sought her husband’s choice which was ‘Let all mortal flesh keep silent’.

Christina Baron @BaronChristina replied: Got to be Thine be the glory…resurrection hymn, great Handel tune, we had it at the funerals of both my parents.

David Sheen @Capellanus hopes for a funeral outside Lent: If my funeral is outside of Lent then definitely having ‘Tydi a wnaeth y wyrth, O! Grist, Fab Duw’

Bryn Snow @BHSnow, tweets from Canada: For All the Saints (Vaughan Williams)

Mtr Nicol Kinrade gives us three choices: Now the green blade riseth, Glory to thee, my God, this night (Tallis’ Canon), Jerusalem the golden (Ewing)

Jayne Ozanne @JayneOzanne writes: Gosh, there are so many but I think it would have to be Amazing Grace…as at the end of the day that’s the truth we stand on, there’s nothing we can do to make God us love us any more or any less – we are Just Loved, passionately, by our Creator God, the Alpha & Omega of us all!

Thank you to everyone who contributed (There were several more, but sadly not enough space here for all).

Here on our church blog we’ve also given some bishops’ choices of funeral hymns, some clergy gave us theirs, we looked at the choice at royal funerals and we gave in detail one RC priest’s choice.


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1 Response to Funeral hymn choices: Twitter responses

  1. Judy Ford says:

    “No eulogy, no photos in the Order of Service.” Yes. I’ve already written the order of service for my funeral with the specification of no eulogy. I hadn’t thought about photos. I’ll add that to the list of don’ts.

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