Favourite churches: Twitter responses

Our @StChrys Twitter question of the week recently was ‘What is your favourite church – and why?’

We had a lovely range of replies. Some of the churches were simple and homely, some were large and majestic. Thank you to all who took an interest in and responded. Here is a collection of the responses.

Valerie Aitken @valeryanne chose St Nicholas, Perivale, London saying it is “where I was priest for 13 years. I oversaw the rebuilding of a crumbling building into an exciting new church and community space.

The wonderful people there so deserved the new church in which to express their love of God.”

Malcolm Young @MalcolmYoung perhaps not surprisingly went for …

Grace Cathedral, San Francisco, where he is Dean. He writes: “It feels like a kind of heaven every time I step in the door. Thee church is older than any incorporated city in the state and making it work takes a host of volunteers stretching back all the way to its beginning.”


Anne Hindle @RevAnneHindle chose two very different churches:

“I love St Albans Abbey where I can absorb the prayerfulness and God-filled atmosphere; and teeny weeny Cotton Church in Staffordshire Moorlands, which now has a loo and kitchen.”

And back to the US for two more choices.


Tamra Beiber @35Godiva offers something different, with family connections:

Fort Sherman Chapel, Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, USA. Childhood church. I remember my little brother, Paul, ringing the bell. I loved Sunday School there.

Rev Michele @Michele_Rev chooses similarly: “Blooming Grove Congregational Church, NY. It was my home church and family as a kid.”

And finally, back in the UK Jane Richards @janesrichards writes:

I love both churches in the parish I serve, St Andrews Holy Cross, Basildon, Essex – one is a fifties built building which while not pretty is full of love and the other is a 12th century gem where many find peace and tranquillity. Both very special places where the presence of God is very real.

You’ll find many other choices of favourite churches here on our church blog.


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