Hope, there is always hope

Today’s Lent Bible reflection is given by Sonia who has been worshipping with us for many years and in addition to worship she helps with refreshments after Sunday Mass and is a regular pilgrim to the shrines at Ladyewell and Walsingham.  In the photo you will see Sonia with some other members of her family who receive Holy Communion at their home.

The Bible passage is the Gospel for the Thursday in the Third Week of Lent (you can read it here: Luke 11.14-23)

Like many of us Sonia said that she does not find this passage easy! She was aware that it stirred up emotions for her.  She felt that the “demon” possession in story this has its own resonance, and she saw it as the questioning of Jesus’ authority over things.  She remarked that there seems to be a struggle with the acceptance of Jesus.

Sonia spoke of a close personal connection with mental illness, and how it drains and saps energy from all involved. She went on to say that we know that Jesus can do things, that he can help in difficult situations – but that knowledge and trust is not always easy for us to cling to.

Poignant words from Sonia, “Hope, there is always hope. Whatever dark situation you find yourself in, there is always Hope” – what great assurance.

We touched on the tragic circumstances in New Zealand and wondered if things have not really changed so much – that there is so much in the world to make us question our faith and trust. But in her words “Hope, there is always hope!”.

Grant, O God, that amidst all the discouragements, difficulties and dangers, distress and darkness of this life, I may depend upon thy mercy, and on this build my hopes, as on a sure foundation. Let thine infinite mercy in Christ Jesus deliver me from despair. 

(A Prayer of Bishop Thomas Wilson 1663-1755)


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