Action for Revival: Ken Leech

Olympias Tracts information


Olympias Tracts from St Chrysostom’s

St Chrysostom’s Church is publishing a series of booklets – Olympias Tracts.
The booklets aim to present writings of the past and present on Anglo Catholic themes fitting in with our ethos and relevant to the church and world today.

The booklets are available from Church at the prices indicated below, or by post.

For UK to cover postage please add £1 for one booklet, £1.50 for two.
In UK: Payment please by cheque made out to “St John Chrysostom Parish Church”
and sent to: St Chrysostom’s Church, Anson Road, Manchester, M14 5HQ
Payment can also be made by PayPal (please add £0.50 if paying by Paypal to the total to cover fees).

Outside the UK: Please add postage – £2 for one booklet, £3.50 for two. And then add £0.50 to cover PayPal fees.
Payment by Paypal please – in British £s.

Paypal payment to:

For enquiries please contact:

The titles so far:

1. Action for Revival by Ken Leech £2
2. The Viciousness of Injustice by Mark Oakley (Ken Leech 2019 Memorial lecture) £2.50
(In UK we currently offer one of each title for £5 including postage)

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1 Response to Olympias Tracts information

  1. Charmaine Kathmann says:

    Please include me on your email list for copies of speaker’s sermons and other lectures that are recorded or in text form.

    Thank you,
    Charmaine Kathmann, Deacon
    All Saints Episcopal Church
    River Ridge, Louisiana

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