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God conceived in Mary

The angel of the Lord appears to Mary, and she says ‘Yes’ to God. (Feast of the Annunciation March 25th) The eternal Word of God, the Glory of God, becomes flesh in Mary’s womb. Mary receives Jesus Christ, the eternal … Continue reading

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Christus Rex

The representation of the tortured, wounded, body of Christ on the Cross has become a central sign and symbol in many Churches. This crucifix is often centrally displayed as a focus for devotion and prayer. In fact it was only … Continue reading

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Our dreams, sweet dreams?

Have you dreamed lately? What do you think about your dreams? For centuries in the ‘West’ most people have ignored dreams and simply dismissed them as absurd. In many other cultures people have regarded dreams more significantly. My own experience … Continue reading

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Women of Courage in the Bible

Women of courage stand out in the Bible. Sometimes because of the way history is told, and even faith proclaimed, men can seem to predominate. With this in mind the St Chrysostom’s ¬†Justice and Peace group is looking at the … Continue reading

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The Heart in Pilgrimage

“Can you recommend a good book of prayers?” I’ve been asked this by a farmer in Teesdale, a long term prisoner, an asylum seeker from the Middle East and a University student, and many more people during my ministry. Of … Continue reading

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White Lent: Now quit your care

Lent is often a time of paradox. On Ash Wednesday we hear the words of Jesus Christ calling us not to be like hypocrites who “disfigure their faces to show others they are fasting” then we mark our foreheads with … Continue reading

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Inspiring books

We love to hear from former parish assistants. Here, for both Lent and International Book Day, ¬†five tell us of books which have inspired them. Thank you so much to them. There’s a lovely variety. They may inspire you too. … Continue reading

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