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Opening a vision of heaven

Angels and Archangels are a wonderful feature of the Anson Chapel at St Chrysostom’s Church. It could rightly be renamed the Angels Chapel. The angels are painted in the panelling, in the reredos, and are there abundantly in the stained … Continue reading

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Angel Quiz

Priests of the Manchester Chapter of the Society of Catholic Priests gathered for their Michaelmas celebration and once again had fun trying to answer an angel quiz – all the answers have a connection with angels. See how many you … Continue reading

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Angel Quiz

Today is the Feast of  St Michael and the Holy Archangels. See if you know the answers in this little quiz about angels. How many orders are there, traditionally, in the hierarchy of angels? Which order of angels surround the … Continue reading

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Censing Angels

Every year on our pilgrimage we visit different churches in the countryside around Walsingham. Today, after concentrated map reading arguing with satnav, and following diversions we arrived at the wonderful medieval church of Salle. Salle is a magnificent church in … Continue reading

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