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Funeral hymn choices: Twitter responses

More on funeral hymns. At present we’re putting a ‘Question for the week’ on Twitter. We particularly invite recent followers of @StChrys to think of their answer to the question. We recently asked: At this moment what would be your … Continue reading


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Funeral Hymns: Royal choices

Which hymns have been chosen for the funerals of Kings and Queens of the United Kingdom? A few months ago here on our church blog we gave some bishops’ choices of funeral hymns, some clergy gave us theirs, and we … Continue reading

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One priest’s choice of funeral hymns

For the third blog post on choices of funeral hymns we look at one person’s choice in detail. We’ve had some choices from clergy and some of bishops¬†now we focus, with a little more detail on one priest’s choice. The … Continue reading

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Bishops’ choices of funeral hymns

In 1901 the Archbishop of Canterbury¬† successfully vetoed the request made by the Royal Family that the Russian Kontakion for the departed should be sung at Queen Victoria’s funeral. He was concerned that it would give approval to what he … Continue reading

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