Memorial Service for Keith Bennett

Winnie lighting a candle for Keith

On Friday (March 5th)  a wide variety of different people came together to celebrate Keith Bennet’s life at Manchester Cathedral.

They included family and friends, some of whom had been at school with Keith or lived locally, others had been involved in the search over the years, or who had shared in Winnie’s journey or suffered similar tragedies, and those who represented the communities affected by the moors murders.

Winnie’s strength and down to earth honesty shone through as she joined in the celebration of her eldest son’s life and spoke of the hope she holds firm to.

Winnie thanked the many people who helped and supported her, especially family, friends and St Chrysostom’s Church.

The Bishop of Manchester spoke at the memorial service, and addresses were also given by Professor John Hunter, a forensic archaeologist who has been involved for many years in the search for Keith, and Norie Miles, a family friend, spoke on Keith’s life. 

For some the service was closure, feeling that what they could do had been done, and that this was a time to honour and celebrate Keith’s life, and say a farewell.

For others, the recollection of Keith’s life was a renewal of hope,in the sustaining wish that one day Keith may be found and returned to a final resting place in his own community.

The Sunday Independent carried a good report of the service and the background to it.

Fr Ian, Winnie and Bishop Nigel leaving the Cathedral.


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1 Response to Memorial Service for Keith Bennett

  1. Fr ian and St Chrysostom’s Church have received many positive comments about the service. Winnie has said how pleased she was.

    The Bishop of Manchester writes:
    “I thought the memorial service went very well, combining a proper dignity with human touch – and not least through Winnie herself. You have been a huge help to her, as have the people at St Chrysostom’s – and your visible care for her during the service was itself moving…

    Bless you for all you did in being a very effective channel of God’s blessings for her.”

    Professor John Hunter writes:
    “The ceremony was very moving and extremely well thought out. You are to be congratulated.”

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