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Wonder in hymns

Nothing is more difficult than to determine what a child takes in, and does not take in, of its environment and its teaching. This fact is brought home to me by the hymns which I learned as a child, and … Continue reading

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The favourite hymn of ‘the greatest scientist since Newton’

Many scientists have been people of faith. Some have even written hymns! Continuing our series on hymns we sing at St Chrysostom’s, Kenson, Parish Assistant writes about the hymn:  1 Lord of all being, throned afar, thy glory flames from … Continue reading

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Quietly dropped verses

A friend of Fr Ian kindly suggested a second round in Fr Ian’s quiz about hymns. (The first round of the quiz is here). For this round the questions is – From which hymns have the following verses been quietly … Continue reading

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Unusual lines from hymns

When we stop to look at what we are singing in hymns we can often find some unusual lines, or images. Fr Ian recently compiled a quiz for a priests’ gathering, asking which hymns the following unusual (or not so … Continue reading

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Bishops, Poems and Hymns

How wonderful that a Bishop should leave a legacy of  poems and hymns! We recently sang at St Chrysostom’s church the lovely traditional hymn Hark, the sound of holy voices – the words of Bishop Christopher Wordsworth, Bishop of Lincoln … Continue reading

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Funeral hymn choices: Twitter responses

More on funeral hymns. At present we’re putting a ‘Question for the week’ on Twitter. We particularly invite recent followers of @StChrys to think of their answer to the question. We recently asked: At this moment what would be your … Continue reading

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Funeral Hymns: Royal choices

Which hymns have been chosen for the funerals of Kings and Queens of the United Kingdom? A few months ago here on our church blog we gave some bishops’ choices of funeral hymns, some clergy gave us theirs, and we … Continue reading

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