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Bishops and Civil Partnerships: an unfortunate statement

On 11th May 1625 Henrietta Maria married King Charles I, by proxy. Now there’s a thought, marriage by proxy! The custom was not unheard of in the Church of England (Henry VIII, for example, had done it too), bishops of … Continue reading

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Bishops in the House of Lords?

Several political issues are being energetically debated in Britain. One which will not be receiving much attention is the question of Church of England bishops in the House of Lords. Of course that’s not very surprising, although it is rather … Continue reading

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Bishops, Poems and Hymns

How wonderful that a Bishop should leave a legacy of¬† poems and hymns! We recently sang at St Chrysostom’s church the lovely traditional hymn Hark, the sound of holy voices – the words of Bishop Christopher Wordsworth, Bishop of Lincoln … Continue reading

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Inspiring books: The choices of two bishops

Two bishops kindly let us know their personal choices of a book which inspires them, in our ongoing series of inspiring books. First of all thank you to our own bishop, David, Bishop of Manchester who writes: “The book I … Continue reading

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LGBT+ people and human rights

LGBT+ issues and human rights was the topic of an inspiring gathering at Church recently. Fr Chris and Prossy Kakooza lead the discussion. Fr Chris opened with an interesting whistle stop tour of the legal position of LGBT + people … Continue reading

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Bishops’ choices of funeral hymns

In 1901 the Archbishop of Canterbury¬† successfully vetoed the request made by the Royal Family that the Russian Kontakion for the departed should be sung at Queen Victoria’s funeral. He was concerned that it would give approval to what he … Continue reading

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