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What the Rector does – Prison Visiting

What does the Rector do? This week in a short series of blogs I’m offering a few reflections on some of the ministry I’ve been involved with during the week: Visiting a prisoner:¬†Visiting the sick, those in hospital and those … Continue reading

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Finding God in prison

A large maximum security prison was my ‘parish’ for seven years. Most of the prisoners there had committed serious violent crimes, a good number were life sentenced prisoners, some were terrorists, a significant proportion had committed sexually related crimes. Many, … Continue reading


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How to show care to someone you know in prison

You have heard that someone you know is in prison. What can you do? England has the highest imprisonment rate in Western Europe. Most¬† prisoners (over 70%) have committed a non-violent offence, almost half of those in prison are serving … Continue reading

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Insights from Inside

Inside – an exhibition at the Royal Festival Hall, gathers art from prisoners’ entries for the Koestler Awards for works of art by people in the UK’s criminal justice system. For this year’s awards participants were asked to respond to … Continue reading

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Encouraging hope in prison

Each year ‘Prisons Week’ invites the Christian community, through individuals and churches, to remember and pray for prisoners and for the needs of all those affected by prisons. Appropriately the day (October 12th) when we remember Elizabeth Fry (1780-1845), the … Continue reading

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