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Guide #FollowTheStar

It seems that we rarely need to ask the way to strange places these days because of modern technology. In earlier times the compass was used. Often guides for spirituality are suggested too. Fr Chris comments in the #FollowTheStar series … Continue reading

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Wonder #FollowTheStar

Shaving foam isn’t a common gift at Christmas for a young girl. However, this year, at our home, one little girl was delighted to receive some for Christmas. She had specially requested it – an essential ingredient in the latest … Continue reading

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#FollowTheStar An Epiphany journey

“Prayer is the harbour in the storms of life, an anchor for those who are storm tossed, the treasure of the poor, the security of the rich, the healing of the sick, the preservation of health. Prayer banishes evil things, … Continue reading

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Three Ancient Men: An Armenian Epiphany legend

The stories of Jesus birth are surrounded by myths and legends, some specific to certain cultures. A little boy brings a lamb, an ox and an ass look over the crib… Many of the stories have developed to convey the … Continue reading

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#FollowTheStar A former prisoner shares thoughts

John served a prison sentence of eight years. While he was in prison he met Fr Ian who was working as a Chaplain at the maximum security prison in which John was held. Recently Fr Ian contacted John and asked … Continue reading

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#FollowTheStar Encouragement to a teenager

The village in which I spent much of my childhood is in a remote part of County Durham in the north of England, Fr Ian writes. It stands about 1,000ft above sea level and in winter it can be very … Continue reading

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#FollowTheStar A Mancunian from Zimbabwe reflects

Growing up in Zimbabwe, one of the enduring memories of the rural environment is the night sky on a cloudless day. Unpolluted by any lights from electricity, the thick darkness and the eerie sounds of the night that surrounds you … Continue reading

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#FollowTheStar Fr Chris’ stars

The Church of England is encouraging people to #FollowTheStar this Christmastide. We asked a few people to share thought on what that means for them. Fr Chris writes:   The “Star” leads the wise men to a place where they … Continue reading

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