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A candle for Winnie, A candle for Keith

Today, 18th August, is the anniversary of the death in 2012 of Winnie Johnson. Winnie was known throughout England as the mother of Keith Bennett, the child victim of the moors murderers Ian Brady and Myra Hindley. Despite extensive searching … Continue reading

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Do cuddly toys go to heaven?

Have you a cuddly toy which is special to you? Each of my children has or has had. Boing Boing the tiger (named after the noise Tigger from Winnie the Pooh makes) is currently very much part of our family … Continue reading

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Two favourite churches

Which is your favourite Church? In 2015 we asked people to tell us of a favourite church. In about 100 words or so we invited people to name the church, and tell us about their choice. It may be somewhere … Continue reading

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Love, tolerance and genuine spiritual fellowship

This evening is predominantly¬†a social event, there is a lot of cheese to get through and some wine … a few people have kindly agreed to read and sing and there is even a short part of a film, all … Continue reading

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A Postcard from Buliisa

I have just spent 2 weeks with a group of students on a field trip to Uganda, Admos Chimhowu writes. Many of the students want to work in developing countries after they graduate. Trips like this help them to see … Continue reading

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Celebrate the 50 days

Alleluia! Christ is Risen Easter isn’t just one day – it’s a season of 50 days Campaign for a real Eastertide! Christians make a lot of Lent – giving up things, fasting, praying, and other worthy things – some of … Continue reading

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Jesus, remember me

Hidden away in the list of saints commemorated on March 25th is the name ‘St Dismas, the Good Thief.’ Poor Dismas, the name usually given to thief crucified with Our Lord, ¬†is especially forgotten on the day as it is … Continue reading

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