May Day Quiz


May Morning on Magdalene Tower (Holman Hunt)

Here’s a quiz Alan has prepared for us for Mayday. Have a go!

Answers will be posted in the comments below.

1. The word “Mayday” is used as a distress signal by ships and planes. What does it mean?

a) Up the revolution?            b) Second World War code for “Invasion imminent”

c) Help me (from the French “m’aidez”)

2. The first Monday in May became a public holiday relatively recently. It was thanks to which government?

a) James Callaghan (1976-9)       b) William Ewart Gladstone (1892-4 etc.)

c) Margaret Thatcher (1979-1990)

3. Why is the Bank Holiday changed this year from a Monday to a Friday (May 8)?

4. Complete the sentence: “Workers of the world unite, you have nothing to lose but your..”

a) chains        b) jobs          c) reserved parking spaces

5. Complete the old country saying: “Ne’er cast a clout till ……”

a) “ …lammas larks be on the wing”

b) “..the last born lamb is fettled fair”           c) “..May be out”

6. In Britain, May Day was traditionally celebrated by dancing round:

a) a maypole                   b) the parish church                  c)  a handbag

Be a happy worker7. On May 1st 1945 the news was announced of the death of whom?

a) Joseph Stalin       b) Adolf Hitler        c) Franklin Roosevelt

8. David Livingstone, explorer, doctor and missionary died on May 1st 1873 in which country?

a) Scotland    b) Malawi      c) Zambia

9. Antonin Dvorak, the Czech composer died on May 1st 1904. Where is he buried?

a) Prague    b) Vienna    c) New York

10. This year May 1st is the  Xth day of the year. What is X?

a) 121    b) 120    c) 122


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1 Response to May Day Quiz

  1. Gloriamarie Amalfitano says:

    #1: c; #2: a; #3: no idea, it’s a Brit thing, no doubt LOL; #4: a; #5:c; #6:a; #7: b; #8: c; #9:a; #10:C
    Those are my guesses. I would have thought others would also post theirs for the fun of it. Posting in social isolation in San Diego, CA

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