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“Hundreds of people in Uganda’s lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community have fled the country to escape homophobia and persecution.” (BBC 10th November 2015). Uganda is one of the most repressive countries for gay and lesbian people. This year, Amnesty International reports ‘there has been a sharp increase in arbitrary arrests, police abuse and extortion against LGBT people.’

Robert at Church (he is on the far right of the photo, in blue)

Robert at Church (he is on the far right of the photo, in blue)

Two years ago Robert Kityo joined our congregation at St Chrysostom’s (and the LGBT Metropolitan Church of Manchester). He is part of our christian community at St Chrysostom’s and takes an active part in church life. He has also been very involved in Manchester’s LGBT community. Robert is a gay Ugandan man seeking a safe life in this country. He is seeking a place to be himself without fear or threat.

Earlier this week Robert was detained by the authorities pending deportation to Uganda. It is very difficult to contemplate how the British authorities feel he will be safe and how this can be the best course for him. A petition to strongly encourage a review of Robert’s case, and asking that he remain here in safety has been started. There has been very good support so far.

Bishop David, Bishop of Manchester, met Robert when he visited St C’s and has given his support to Robert’s cause.

In encouraging people to support the petition, James, from our congregation has written Robert is a lovely man and faces hatred, injury and death should he be forced to return to Uganda, simply because he is gay.

Click here to sign the petition, and  do remember Robert in your thought and prayers. Please share this request through social media.

(If you have a title such as Dr, Fr,  or whatever it may just help to add a little weight to the petition to use that in front of your first name when you fill in the petition.)

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