St Lucy’s Day Quiz

St Lucy

St Lucia procession
Candleholder from Sweden

Here’s a Quiz for St Lucy’s Day (13th December) which Fr Ian prepared for a social gathering a few years ago:  

See how you do in it.

1. St Lucy died in Syracuse in the fourth century – where is Syracuse?

2. In Christian art what is St Lucy depicted as carrying on a dish?

3. How old is Lucy Liu?

4. “Picture yourself in a boat on a river, with tangerine trees and marmalade skies’ are the opening words of which song?

5. Who created Lucille (‘Lucy’) van Pelt?

6. Who wrote about Anne Shirley of Prince Edward Island?

7. What did Kitty Fisher find?

8. What is the full name of the first person to find the wardrobe entrance to Narnia?

9. Which American comedian said ‘The secret of staying young is to live honestly, eat slowly, and lie about your age?’ and which show was she famous for?

10. Who wrote ‘A nocturnal upon St Lucy’s day, being the shortest day’ and how is it that St Lucy’s day (December 13th) was said to be the shortest day?


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