Fr Ken Leech’s Requiem Liturgy and Eulogy

Many people have asked for a copy of the liturgy for Fr Ken Leech’s Requiem Mass (much of it chosen by himself), and we’ve also had requests for copies of Terry Drummond’s eulogy at the Mass.

Those who were at the Mass were moved by the simple and heartfelt words of Julie, Ken’s wife. The full impact of her words was, of course, made in the poignancy of the moment, however, we also wished to reproduce them here for others to read:

Ken and Julie Use

Julie and Ken

I first met Ken, as a young teenager, in his writings in Barnsley library. He was an inspiration.

I worked with him briefly in my late 20’s in London and he became my spiritual director. Previous clergy had heard my confession robed and in church, Ken did so with his purple stole over his T shirt and shorts. I thought he was crackers… and an inspiration.

We became exceptionally close friends, and shared a lot of fun, interests, challenges and complexity over 21 years, in London, Europe, Ecuador and Mossley.

Eventually we married in his home town of Dukinfield. We meant to have a church ceremony in London this year, but too late.

One thing he said in his last few days was ‘you changed my life, love’ You changed my life too love, thank you. Almost the last thing he clearly said as I was leaving the nursing home in the evening was ‘I hate saying goodbye to you, love.’ And I hate saying goodbye to you, love.

For the liturgy click: Requiem Fr Ken Leech 

For Terry Drummond’s address click: Eulogy for Ken Leech

The Prayers submitted in honour of Ken for the Vigil for Peace and Justice on the eve of the funeral can be found here  and this link connects to obituaries remembering Ken.


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